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In keeping with our past pricing policy, we continue to provide discounts to prior customers reflecting our appreciation of your investment in our product. The program is designed to work as a stand-alone program or within a network environment, and if networked it will share files between workstations. However, the program must be installed on each individual workstation; therefore, licensing is on a per-workstation basis.

Also, due to the multitude of requests received, we have instituted a reduced price offer for the purchase of a new second License.  This is a special offer we are making at this time for the many small offices that want a copy of the program for the secretary as well as the attorney or to run on a laptop computer. A new, second license can be purchased for $130.00 plus sales tax. Other discounts are available for multiple license orders.
Piper Software Productions, Inc.  2864 Atoll Drive, Lewis Center, OH 43035

License pricing is as follows: Base S/H SalesTax Total

Price for NEW Supportworks Ver.6.0.08 (Download) tax at 6.75%





Price for Second NEW Supportworks Ver. 6.0.08 License (Download) 130.00 0.00 9.43 139.43

Upgrade Prior Supportworks Version 5.6 to 6.0.07 on CD  w/Prior Customer Discount  128.00 0.00 9.72 143.72

Upgrade Prior Supportworks Version 5.5 to 6.0.07 (download) w/Prior Customer Discount  164.00 0.00 11.89 175.89

2016 Data Package covering all Gov't  Data issued during 2016 updated by internet


0.00 3.10 49.09


Sales tax is based upon the appropriate rate for the purchaser's county. If your local sales tax rate is other then the 6.75% on the above table, please adjust accordingly.  (Sales tax applies to both the base cost plus shipping and handling).

Orders of multiple Supportworks Licenses will be provided a discount from the base price. At the moment we are not set up to accept Visa or MasterCard.
You can order a trial of the Supportworks© Child Support Worksheet Program by filling out our printable online order and mailing it to the address found at the top of the form, or by filling out online order request form
If you have any questions and wish to e-mail us, our address is:

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